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Be inspired to a better you

Since a child I have been curious, competitive and inspired by adventure. I have achieved some things that seemed unachievable and I've been living my fullest, active & healthy life.  After leaving the Corporate world full time I choose to spend my time inspiring others to achieve their unachievable goals and having the best fun doing it. 

Throughout my website you'll learn a little more about me as well as find a variety of services that can help you on your journey to greatness.

Kate xx

How can i help you?

Check out below just some of the ways I can help you across Swim, Bike & Run

1-2-1 Coaching

If you’ve signed up from events in 2019 then give yourself the best chance of success with event specific coaching. You’ll get a weekly progressive training plan that targets your race goals, fits into your lifestyle and is achievable each week. You’ll also have unlimited access to me with all your questions, kit advice and lots of education along the way. A sound investment for success!

Swim Technique Analysis

Progressive swim technique classes including observations, coaching & sets to follow up & compliment your development.
(Can be booked as a group)

Bike Specific Classes

I offer a range of workshops and 1-2-1 sessions on Bike handling skills, Group riding etiquette, Road safety & Bike Maintenance to make you safe, confident and happy on the road

Running Gait Analysis

Video analysis of your running gait with a coached session to address key issues via a combination of strength training and running drills to improve efficiency and form

Triathlon Strength Training

Strength Training Sessions specific for Triathlon. Including a full movement screening & strength tests across key muscle groups to get a good understanding of where we need to focus. (Can be booked as a group)

Sports Massage Therapy

If you’re training hard then you might want to give your body a treat and ease any muscle tension that’s tightening up body parts and restricting your range of movement. I can also work with your Physio to aid recovery of injuries and get you back to full fitness ASAP.

Lets get started!

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