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Do I need a coach?

No matter what stage of your triathlon career you are at it is likely that this question has entered your mind at some point. Coaching has fast become a mainstream activity and is as common place as Personal Trainers these days.

Deciding whether you need or would like a coach is not a simple decision but I can certainly help you understand a little more about yourself, your goals and the approach to training that works for you.

The best way to do this is to get you started! Lets get you training to a basic plan. You will very quickly see how you respond, what you like, don’t like, where you need help. Its a very eye opening experience.

I have a FREE 2 week activator plan which has a variety of sessions allowing you to capture data across all disciplines, review it, track your progress and begin this learning curve.

This plan is completely FREE and also includes an initial consultation with one of our coaches to get you started on the right track. We set some goals and talk you through the detail. I'll then leave you to it for 2 weeks and review your progress on completion. Following this we can recommend the best approach going forward, whether it be to simply carry on with a template plan or join me in one of our other coached packages but with absolutely no obligations to join. We just want to get you started!

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